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Should you Make an Offer on an “Almost” Perfect Home?

If you find the perfect home at the right price, it’s a no-brainer. You make an offer! But, how do you decide whether or not to buy a property that is almost-perfect? On the one hand, if you pass, you might not find another equally impressive listing. On the other hand, what if you make an offer on that property and then, days later, a seemingly “perfect” home comes on the market? Here are some questions to ask yourself that will help make the decision: • Given the current market conditions, what are the chances that the “perfect” home will come on the market? • Why is the property you’re considering only almost-perfect? Can the imperfection be remedied with a renovation? • Can you live with what’s lacking in the almost-perfect home? How important is that missing feature or characteristic to you? • Do the other features and characteristics of the home make up for what the property lacks? In most cases, almost-perfect is perfect. After all, you can never find perfection, but you can probably find a home that’s close! In most cases, that nearly perfect home will become a property you’ll end up loving. Need help finding a home that fits your requirements? Call me. Michael Cosburn, I'm here to help. 

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